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It stars Rajinikanth, Manisha Koirala and Raj Kapoor in the lead roles, while Vivek, Delhi Ganesh and Nassar play other supporting roles. The film released on 20 September 1997. In the midst of a terrorist attack, an undercover cop and a sub inspector are at a cliff overlooking the sea in a small town. They are attempting to capture the most dangerous terrorist in the world. Soon, however, one of the officers starts falling to his death. When he is asked who he was, he begins to explain about himself and his partner. However, before he can say more, they hear a scream and, in the ensuing struggle, they realize that the police officer is wearing a bullet proof vest. As they try to get to him, he says to them, "you have a grenade there, don't throw it." It is then revealed that the officer is a mole. The rest of the film is a series of events that lead to the uncovering of this mole. Rajinikanth plays the undercover cop, and Manisha Koirala is the sub inspector. Contents Plot A terrorist named Mahadevan (Prashanth) has been in hiding for years. He plans to commit a terrorist act, and the most dangerous terrorist on the planet, known as Black Jack, is wanted by the police to help locate him. The Chief of the police department, a Colonel (Raj Kapoor), and his subordinate Inspector Raman (Vivek) have the task of finding Mahadevan. They decide that Mahadevan will meet his contact and exchange information about his plans. The information will be sent to the intelligence group for further study and a team of the police will be put together to neutralize the situation, capturing Mahadevan alive. The team includes a Sub-Inspector named Arun (Arjun) and a detective named Ramesh (Rajinikanth). Mahadevan had met a terrorist named Periyasamy (who was later killed) in a small town. Periyasamy and Mahadevan meet in a restaurant, where Periyasamy is killed by Mahadevan. The Colonel and his team suspect Raman, the officer in charge of the team, of being the mole, and so they decide to have Raman double-cross the team by having him capture Mahadevan. Raman is then joined by the undercover cop Arun. Ar




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Nerukkunermoviefreedownload [2022-Latest]

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